Monday, October 11, 2010


The morning comes and we rejoice
The sun is in the sky
And it’s so good to be alive we like to say
But then the battles of the night are nothing but a figment of our imagination
The morning has a beauty
But there’s no morning that didn’t go through a night
The dawn breaks
Our battles are won

But before the dawn
You seem not to stand the heat of the battle
You want to break down
You want to give up
You want to throw up your hands and walk away
But you’ve come a long way
You can’t give up now
In a moment everything can change
It’s no false hope
It’s no blind faith
That moment is your moment
The moment you’ve been waiting for
You gave in so much to give up now
You’ve been through so much to give in now
You are strong my friend
In you is self discipline, perseverance and the courage to make it through the night
The night may be darkest at this point
But the truth is. . . .
It’s darkest before dawn
Your moment would come
Your time is now
And that’s as sure as the coming dawn

In the time being
Keep the faith
Hold on
Find strength to help another friend through a dark hour
On your way to the top you would be taking others with you

Next time you want to give in
Next time you want to throw your hands up and walk away
Stop for a moment
Quiet your mind
Meditate for a while
Let an inner voice whisper these truths to you again
‘I’ve got what it takes to make it
In a moment everything can change
Right attitude needed, this could be my day
It might be darkest right now
But my dawn breaks soon
Cause it’s always darkest before dawn’

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