Thursday, October 28, 2010


I sit here

I keep looking at yesterday

What would I have done better?

I think it through

I sign for a while

I fret if I have made a mistake that would haunt me all my life

Sad enough

A part of me tells me I have

It’s a sad moment as I look at the setting sun in the gray sky

Even the open skies do better

The black clouds in my soul dampen me

Sad enough I have

But I tried

I tried

I made amends where it was needed

I built bridges and didn’t burn them

I tried

Oh how I tried

But still when everyone leaves and close the door we are always left in our own houses

Now it’s my entire fault

No one would remember how much I tried

No one would remember the nights I cried

Yes it’s my entire fault and I blame nobody

But right now I have a choice

Would I stay in my past?

The past is past they say

But the other part is that it has the power to rob us of a beautiful future

Tomorrow is another day

I could walk into something new

But with my old attitude towards it

I could see the past catching up on me again

Still, leaving it all in the past isn’t an easy effort

No human effort can accomplish it

Men have tried

They walked in large circles back into the past

The power in Emmanuel’s vein would keep me focused on my present with enough strength to face tomorrow

I would choose the later

The past has nothing on me

Broken dreams and shattered hearts

I think I have had enough

A part of me still tells me my past would haunt me all my life

A deeper part resounds with the words of Yahweh

So be still my soul

Do you hear the voice of your maker from the deep?

Its words are profound yet simple

‘The past is past

Behold, I will do a new thing’

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