Thursday, October 28, 2010


In the pouring rain and turbulent storm

I hear a word above the rushing torrents

In the turbulent storm coming strong

I hear you above the raging noise

Maybe the surprise is that

When I expected you to be far away

You are so close

Stilling my heart

Telling me over and over again

I will take care of you

I will carry you

I have a plan for you

To be honest

It stills my heart

It gives me indescribable peace

It echoes longer beyond the silence of friends

Just keep me close

Hold me

I believe in you

It’s me I don’t even trust

Help me be found in your love over and over again

Help me trust you

Even in this not so pleasant time

Even with this tears falling

I still hear your voice

It says the same words on a stronger note

Be strong my child

Cause I will take care of you

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