Monday, October 25, 2010


A thought of you
But you are so far away
I’m thinking of you
But we are miles apart
So many oceans
So many obstacles
The hills wouldn’t let us climb
The oceans wouldn’t let us swim
Oceans apart
Oceans could part
Obstacles apart
Obstacles could part
If what we had was true and strong
It would break through oceans and obstacles
We can’t travel a thousand miles in a second
We can’t swim through these oceans in a second either
But for a thought of you
I would draw you near in my heart
Cherishing what we had
And praying that God keeps you in the safety of Love
Till we cross oceans
Till we break through obstacles

So far away
Oceans apart
Oceans could part
Then we walk the miles together rejoicing over the miracle at our Red sea
Obstacles apart
No need to fear the Egyptians who don’t want to see our promised love bloom
The waves cover them all
So let the oceans part
Let the obstacles part
And let our Love breakthrough

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