Monday, October 11, 2010


And it all comes to you
You are the reason I exist
Sometimes I want to exist for more
Then I forget you are more than enough
Simply put. . . . I was made for you
To give you glory
To give you pleasure
My purpose for living
My purpose for reasoning
Be all
You see all
You know all
You know the extraordinary life you have for ordinary me
The type that gives you pleasure per moment
Help me not to be cut up in the way of the world
Let the focus be on you and in you
All eyes on Sweet Jesus
Help me to always remember how every material thing would fade away
Help me also remember the possibility of friends failing
The temporary fulfillment of success
The unpredictability of death
The shortness of the time on earth
The unending nature of eternity
And the tenderness of a forever faithful God
Help me remember
Cause often I forget
Often I forget I’m yours
Like I’m almost forgetting the main reason I’m having this conversation
Help me Sweet Jesus
You enable the unable
You wisen the unwise
Help me
You are the reason I exist
Without you I don’t exist
I’m tired of being extinct for so long
To get out and live for more
You are more
More than enough
My reason
My purpose
And so much more
So much more than enough
And it all comes to You
Cause without You, There will be no me

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