Thursday, October 28, 2010


Times like this

I long for that song laced with your love

To remind me that I am loved by you

To tell me once again I am not forgotten

To insure the truth that you now my name

And that I’ve been carried by you all my life

Times like this

I long for your song

That elates me pass the chaos I see

That helps me see that you are working something beautiful through this mess

That assures me that I’m not just part of a million but one in a million

Times like this

My heart quakes

The sound over shadows your love song

Raise the volume

Sing on a louder key of grace

Remind me who I am in you

Remind me situations and the past don’t define me

Say to me again that your love suffers long

Even to time that last forever

Hold me and quiet this heart of clay

Wipe the tears and sing me to rest

Times like this

Hold me

Embrace me

Sing to me

Sing over me a song I’ve never heard

Your love song

And let it be heard above the noise

And most of all

Let it be the only song this song knows

As long as this heart beats

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