Thursday, October 28, 2010


All I have

I have been given

All I am

Is a nobody telling somebody about you

Channels only

All I pray

That you flow through me

Filled to be emptied

Blessed to be broken

And yes to be blessed again

Yet to be broken

The blessing isn’t the focus

It’s more like our focal point is at the process

The process of dying

Isn’t that why I’m truly alive

Living to die

Dying to live

Please be the hole in my pocket

If I try to keep it all in my pocket

Let this life sing your song

Let it be a melody delivering your lyrics to the world

My spirit, your candle to light up this dark world

Remind when I forget

Remind less I forget

I have been filled to be emptied over again

Loved to love

And remind me if I forget

I’m just a beggar

Yes a beggar who gives alms

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