Monday, October 11, 2010


In search of love
I traveled a broken road to get to you
In search of you
I traveled a long road to get to love
All the hurt
All the pain
Broken dreams
Shattered hearts
I thought all was lost
Sometimes I thought I was too old for love
Love would never find me I thought
‘You’ was a dream
‘You’ was a fantasy
But one thing was for sure
All the hurt and pain
Broken dreams and shattered hearts
Where all northern stars pointing me to a manger where Love resides
They led me to where you were
Now where you are is where I am
And two becomes one
Now I look back and I find myself looking forward
The smile comes easily
Joy eases the heartache
I found you
I found love
I have you
I have love
I’m thankful for every broken dreams
Cause You are the reality I always dreamt of
And I’m thankful for the broken road
Cause at the end of this broken road
It was you waiting for me
Ready to say “I do”

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