Monday, October 25, 2010


When we drop the bags of unforgiveness

We tend to forget that we dropped a heavy bag that could slow us down on our journey to fulfillment

How we long to hold on to our heavy luggage

We long to cleave to the heartbreaks and consequences of a shattered heart

We see through the human lens that reads ‘Revenge is sweet’

We acquire a zeal for bitterness and forget to try the sweetness of forgiveness

We wallow in self-pity and keep blaming the world for our problems

But we can’t always stay there because we aren’t there yet

Our destination is certain with an uncertain length of journey

Something beautiful awaits us

We can’t afford to be held down by the ugliness of un-forgiveness

We have a right to forgive!

Yes we do

Still a long way from home

Our travelers boot still on

We can take a chance on love

We can drop the bags of un-forgiveness

We can choose to throw up our hands in battles we did not start

The world might see us as losers

But we are fighters

The world might see us as weaklings

But we are warriors

We didn’t show weakness in forgiving

We didn’t loose the battle either

We only chose to fight for the things worth fighting for

For the sake of forgiveness

We would drop the bags

We would dust our feet

We would raise our white flags of peace and lose our battles

And most of all

Pressing on with aggressive forgiveness

We are armed never to pick up those heavy bags again

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