Monday, October 25, 2010


Some heart desires can be satisfied

Right here on your green earth

Like wanting Prada bags and shoes 'to die for' made by Isaac Mizrahi

Those are pretty things

Yes they are

In fact beautiful in some aspects

But the yearning of more of you

Sets me on a course I find myself travelling

It’s a life long journey

The more I know you is the more I want to know you

It’s not that you don’t bring with it a sense of satisfaction

But you satisfy me to be satisfied again

You keep me at the edge of my sit expecting more

The expectation is a good thing

In search of you, you fill me with hope

My hope is an expectation of your satisfaction

Like I said a number of heart desires can be quenched on your beautiful green earth

But the wanting of more of you is quenched to thirst for more

And for me that’s a good thing

Even beautiful in all aspects

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