Friday, May 29, 2009

The strongest link

The word ' love' has a way of getting to me anytime it's mentioned.
It get to me for certain reasons
1. It's sacred but little is know of it's sacredness
2. It's deep still next to nothing is know of it's depth
3. The third ...
Love is a word best defined in it's act.
I have noticed that in living our everyday life with fufillment, we need to show love
In showing love, we live love, in living love, we give love.
In giving love, we change our world.
The ripple effect is as a result of the power of love.
Love has power.
Infact it is power.
Then I begin to wonder of the power that emanates from acts of love.
Love has a way of creating an abode of peace in the heat of the battle.
It is what makes the battle line become a spot for the enemy to raise the white flag of peace
It's the irony of it all that amazes me and leaves me with not much to say about love
Though it is patient, it has a way of paving the path.
Though it is longsuffering, it has a way of overcoming the dark forces that fight wars we can't see
Though it believes all things, it has a power to discern the truth
Though it is meek and kind, it stands in the face of opposition
It might be termed as the weakest link, in the end it emerges as the STRONGEST
From my point of view, I know next to nothing about love.
Still I believe one thing
And that is, it has the power to turn any situation around
Not exactly around (360),
but around for good.

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