Saturday, May 23, 2009

In The Passenger's Seat

I'm in a vehicle travelling in the middle of nowhere to a place I don't know
My fustration and confusion I can't contain.
Time after time I cry out 'where on earth are we headed'
Expecting my anxiety and fustration to get at the one in the driver's seat, he looks and smiles back at me.
I really I'm appalled by the surety in the smile.
The smile communicates his heart to me.
'you are safe' I hear him say through the smile.
'Your destination of rest is assured' I hear in the stillness.
Something in me pauses for a second.
He is the driver, the captain of our little 'ship'.
I have trusted him by steping into this vehicle.
My duty as a passenger is to sit still, acknowledge him as the Driver and keep trusting him till the ride is over.
I seat back.
My heart beats
A double take.
I make a conclusion:
Where We are going I don't know for sure.
Where we are headed I can't clearly visualize
And I make a decision:
The One who I am with (the One in the driver's seat),knows and I will trust him till the perfect end of this journey.

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