Thursday, May 21, 2009

A lesson in patience.

The answer came the next day. I had almost given up on hope. Did I say almost? To be fair 'already' was a more appropriate word. It just that there's always this weak strenght to try again. I was not actually trying again but my answers came as clear as words in black and write. I have my answer! And also I have a few new lessons learnt that would come handy for the rest of my life. A lesson on how to wait for my answers, not just wait but waiting patiently. But the thing is, right now I am peeping into the future wondering what next. What's the next the lesson on my unpredictable syllabus. Really I want to know! I can't wait to know. I want the answers quick! BUT I THOUGHT I JUST HAD A LESSON IN PATIENCE! ! !

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