Sunday, October 4, 2009


I wouldn’t say it’s easy to realize your mistakes, turn from them, pick up your pieces and start over again. I wouldn’t say that. That would be inhumane of me. Sometimes it could be hard from the human point of view to embrace change. It could be painful to re-orientate yourself about your long held perspective about God, Life and even yourself. But the truth is......
In the first place the truth could even be painful. Simply said, Truth hurts. The truth hurts like a healing balm applied over an old rotten wound. The healing balm is not meant or made to inflict pain on you but sorry it’s meeting an open wound. The healing balm hurts when applied to the open wound but its aim isn’t to hurt you though it’s hurting you. In hurting you it would heal you and make your flesh whole. That’s what it came to do all along. But why the pain you ask. Now listen to this. In order for us to enjoy pure lasting and genuine pleasure we have to endure the pain of change. No pain no gain.
Let’s stay here I hear you say. But we can’t stay here.
Wide open spaces await us
The life we always dreamt of in our innocence awaits us
A promise of pure, lasting, uncontaminated pleasure awaits us
We can’t stay in the past
We have to deal with it
We have to let the past pass
We have to kiss it goodbye
Then we embrace the free gift of the present
The gift given to us all life long
The unwrapped present
It’s time to remove the wrapping paper from the present and enjoy the present now
Past sins, addictions and habits
Let them find their positions in the past
Again I say
It’s time to remove the wrapping paper from the present longing with pleasure of an unknown gift
Pure pleasure
Cause we might not know what the present might have in store for the future
But we can be rest assured it’s good
Embrace the pain
Let the healing balm heal your wounds
Let go of the past
Start unwrapping your present
And wait. . . .
As a child waits eagerly for his next Christmas present for the future
Anyways the future is also a present time away from now
The future is bright
The future is light
Light is bright
Now that’s as sure as the dawn
Embrace the pain
The pain is light
Embrace the light!

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