Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The wind blows
They say it’s a force that’s responsible for that
The sun shines
They say it’s some stuff called solar energy responsible for that
The rain falls
It’s justified by some concept called gravity
Time moves on
They say it’s the earth rotating
Seasons change
They say it’s the earth revolving
Scientifically correct!
Yes they are!
It is what they say not what I think
What forces the force that is responsible for the wind that blows?
What energizes the energy needed for the sun?
What gravitates gravity?
What rotates and revolves the earth?
Or rather who
The power of the world
The one who started it all
No need to look further
The answer answered your questions a long time ago
They are correct
Yes they are
They just didn’t look beyond their facts
Their facts pointed to something greater
The truth
The power of the world
The maker of all things
The everything in which everthing of everything is
He is God
You need no look further
Keep looking further
Keep going in your self-made circle
You need no look further
He is the Answer to your every question
And guess what!
He is Scientifically Correct!
That’s why you need no look further.

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