Friday, October 9, 2009


A painter in front of a canvas. . .
Painting away a grand scenery
A train on a track. . .
Gaining momentum every second
A seed covered up in dirt. . .
Dead but blossoming into a beautiful flower
A symphony of chaos. . .
Rearranged and played by the best orchestra
A beautiful tune. . .
Played on by an instrument of choice
A writer. . .
Crafting the words of a bestseller
A storm. . .
Brewing in the middle of the ocean
A spot being lighted up to be a spot light
A work in progress
That’s who I am
Take me just as I am
Love me just as I am
Follow me through the process
The process is in progress
The process is progress
As the process progresses
Progress is being processed
Don’t hate: Congratulate
Don’t criticize: Give me time
In time, I’ll be prime
In the time being, if you wanna see inside of me
All you have to do is ask!
In the time being, just wait for me. . .
The painter is still painting
Wait for the grand picture. . .
Train still on track
Wait for the final destination . . .
Flower still blooming
Wait for the beauty yet unseen. . .
Orchestra still playing
Wait for the Crescendo. . .
Melody still forming
Wait for the full song. . .
Writer still putting words on paper
Wait for the bestseller. . .
Storm rising
Wait till I take you by storm
Tread carefully!
A work is in progress!

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