Saturday, October 10, 2009


Beautiful girl with an ugly start
She doesn’t know she is beautiful
Life has told her otherwise
‘You are beautiful’ I told her
She said I have failed in my attempt to psyche
She said I was only saying words to get what I wanted
I told her she was wrong
In fact the story does not always travel that road
It sometimes takes the unfamiliar route of ‘some have food but cannot eat and some can eat but have no food’
Haven’t you heard the popular true saying that
The ‘marry able’ are not in search of whom to marry
But the ‘un marry able’ are searching to and fro like wild lions whom to marry
Why the hustle, lets rest a while from the ‘relationship crap’
‘Every guy who turns up at my door wants to go out with me’
‘Every guy who turns up at my door wants the popular ‘It’’
Duh. . . .
It’s not even about me
It’s about you
So let’s stay here for a while
Beautiful girl, who has deceived you
Who has reduced your beauty to the front covers of cosmopolitan magazine?
You are more than that!
Don’t you know?
Don’t feel down ridden
Cause now is not the time
This is your now to embrace the real you
You are not alone
‘Beautiful’ girl with an ugly heart
‘Ugly’ girl with a beautiful heart
You were both judged wrong by the world
The latter was beautiful
The former was ugly
The latter was judged by her scars
What the eye could see; what a pity for shortsightedness
The former was judged by her swags
Again! What the eyes could see
What happened to what the eyes are blind to see?
‘Beautiful’ girl with an ugly heart
‘Ugly’ girl with a beautiful heart
They are both beautiful
But on one condition
If the seen could embrace the unseen
And the unseen embrace the ‘seen’
The seen is temporal
The unseen is forever
Forever sounds like Cinderella
Happily ever after
Beautiful girl embrace a beautiful heart
Beautiful heart embrace the ‘beautiful you’
Then we are good to go
In the first place ‘ugly’ was not meant to be in our world of words
Whoever said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder never completed it
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
So also is ‘ugliness’
Next time they say you are ‘ugly’
Tell them they are blind
Not that they have an eye disease
But because they failed to see your heart
The ‘real you’
Next time I say you are beautiful
Tell me “thank you, you see well”
Cause I have not failed to see the ‘real you’
The beauty I see everyday
Beautiful girl with a beautiful heart
No ‘uglies’ in our world
Only beautiful ‘uglies’!

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