Friday, October 9, 2009


And you were right
There was no existence after here
Life seemed to cease the moment we stepped pass the boundaries
The love story was just a fairytale
There was nothing to live for beyond here and now
And you were right
The holy one was just an imagination in the hearts of those who believed him
His son was just another nice guy who walked the earth brimming with emotions of peace and love
Ready to give some to those who hurt and thirst
And you were right
Boom! It banged so big and the world began
A force yet to be researched started it all
And you were right
We evolved to evolve
To think free
“If it feels right then get on it”
That was meant to be our world anthem
And we as social beings were to dance to that rhythm with our everyday actions and life
And you were right
And you were right?
And you were wrong
We stepped beyond and there was much more
Existence did not stop to exist
The love story was not a fairytale after all
It was to woo us to our genuine lover
And you were wrong
The unseen- the spiritual was not just a part of life
It was itself life determining the things seen!
And you were wrong
He was not just another nice guy
He was who he claimed to be and more
And you were wrong
We were made
Made for so much more
And you were wrong
We were just like tourists ‘stucked’ in the airport of our beautiful city
Looking and ‘hanging on’ to what we have seen at the lobby
Rejecting every hint that something more beautiful and magnificent laid ahead
And you were wrong
Nothing banged so big after all
The fundamental fact of existence was the Word powered by faith
And you were wrong
The pleasures were not worth dying for after all, they were just pointing to a greater pleasure
And you were wrong
There wasn’t just here and now but ever after existed
And you were wrong
You were wrong about being right
You were right
You were wrong
Then you were right
Now you were wrong
So true that facts cannot deface the Truth
It’s only a matter of time
Time would tell but don’t let time tell
Right your wrongs
Wrong your rights
And you were right?
You might have nothing to lose
And still nothing to gain
And you were wrong?
You would have something to lose
And definitely nothing to gain
And you were right
And you were wrong
Time would tell
Don’t let time tell
Right your wrongs
Then you would be right against all wrongs.

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