Friday, July 17, 2009

The Love Letters #2

“I did everything right. . . I was so selfless in our relationship but still she left” Tade reported to me in rage.

Have you ever been in a relationship (romantic or not) where you thought you gave so much to it and received little or nothing?

Have you ever been in a friendship where you were treated like trash while you treated the other party like a treasure yet to be found?

Have you ever given love and yet your love was trampled upon?

Have you ever offered a word of encouragement and it was thrown right back at your face? The actions delivered to you said something like ‘shut up, it’s none of your business, mind your business’.

Have you ever been in any of these situations? Situations where your love felt strangled and you felt you were done with giving love.

It was in one of situations like these my friend found himself in. he did all ‘the right things’ in his capability that he could over time. He sowed sincere seeds of love in his relationship but still got the hate he thought he didn’t deserve.

We should always have a stable, good and strong reason for doing the things we do.

Why do we love?

Is it to get the approval of the other party?

Is it to get something (maybe acceptance, affirmation) from the other party?

Is it to get rid of loneliness?

If it’s any of the above reasons, then we have an expectation that in most cases might not be met.

Love is good.

It should be sacrificial and selfless. Yes. For these reasons that love is good and it’s sacrificial, should help us modify our reasons of loving.

No one offers a sacrifice and expects to get it back. In fact, in the days of old, sacrifices were actually burnt!

In loving, we should see it as an opportunity to serve the other person. A sacrifice on our part, a service to the other party, not done for the rewards of it.

Indeed the reward would still come. Whatever one sows, one reaps. That’s just the truth.

Love is a seed that can be sown. Yes I agree, you might have given so much to that relationship (materially, emotionally and even financially).

You might have gone an extra mile on things and issues.

You might have even been so selfless (just like Tade) in your relationship.

One thing noted, you have sown love.

Trust in God and expect your reward. Funny enough, it might be right in front of you but haven’t been looking in that direction. Your reward of love would find you only if you in time lift up your head from the depression and prostration in which your circumstances have kept u and rise to a new dawn beckoning at you

A door shut does not mean the end of the road it only means ‘move on’.

Be wise from the mistakes you have made in the past relationships, but I tell you never to regret you showed sacrificial love.

Be happy you did. Remember you have sown love and also remember that everyone who might ‘broken your heart’ was a northern star pointing to the one who loves you eternally, God who came to die as man for you and me.

Let him take those hurt and broken relationships [romantic or not] .Turn it to him to do what he wants to do with it.

Let him bless the broken roads.

And that’s why your reward is sure.

That’s why you are sure of a happy ending not that it’s a CINDERELLA THING.

In fact the slippers may not fit so well, but this is your own real life fairy tale.

It’s real!

Don’t hide from it.

Expect a happy ending!

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