Monday, April 2, 2012

There Are Things Around You You Aren't Seeing

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Seven letters that simply have to do with the science of folding. I came across this word first through a friend who was involved in the art. I remember visiting him and him showing me the various work of art he had invested his time in. 'Beautiful' I remember saying 'so wants this called' I later asked as I carefully handed back one of his art piece. 'Origami' he answered. 'Origami?' I stared back 'never heard of that before'. But that was a lie at least an unconscious one.

It was latter I discovered that the same word had always been staring at me on my iPad slideshow menu settings (which I have had for more than a year now. But I only saw it but never observed it.

In the end it really boils down to our desires and interest, what we really want (in fact out of life). It determines what we see, it determines what we take interest in. And it's a dangerous place if we are not seeing and taking interest in the things we need for our life journey. For me, to simply break it down career wise, it's entrepreneurship, business management, writing, music and art, that is nothing should come my way which includes these 5 things that shouldn't grab my attention. Now if they aren't grabbing my attention  then I have to go back to the drawing board cause there's a problem somewhere.

Over time our desires and interest would be more concentrated, focused and in fact reduced but our present desires, if our hearts are awaken must draw  us to see the things we are meant to see around us.
Are there things around you you aren't probably seeing? Are there various opportunities that have passed  you by due to this? What can you do to create more focus to open your eyes to the knowledge and wisdom you need for your life journey? Please share, I would be reading your comments


  1. Ur ryt..there's so much we are not paying attention to..yet hw do u get things done in this chaotic world wtout focusing..that is the dilemma,my do u take it all in and at the same time pay attention to what deserves the most of it..

    1. @Rapsody. I love what you said about paying attention to what deserves the most of it. I think it would be wise for us all to always look beyond. At the end of my life (or maybe a year) what do I really want my life to look like? what are my non-negotiables? What are the core things I must have accomplish (that if I don't I would feel sad). I ask myself these questions and it's amazing how it knows off a lot off my todo list. Really it does .thanks so much for your insight rapsody :)

  2. Right now I need to rest. I've become too exhausted to look. A golden opportunity could walk right up to me, twelve feet tall and dripping with riches, and I wouldn't see. 

  3.  Ha ha ha, Sheila, you know how to crack me up well. I feel you. LOL :)



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