Monday, April 16, 2012

This Moment Is For You

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I slipped
I tripped
I sinned
I messed up
and now I'm running
From you
Not to you

These things
That I can't stand on my own
That I need hands stronger than I to hold me through life
That I need a light not to stumble in the dark
Isn't that why you came?

For every one step back let it be a two step forward
If this was meant to be a romance let this be the clumsy dance lovers do
Cause the moments I fall is for you to catch me
The moments I stumble in the darkness is for you to be a light
And the moment I'm trapped is for you to set me free from me

I slipped
I tripped
I sinned
I messed up
and now I'm running
But I will run to you and not from you
Cause this is when you can be my Hosea
This is when salvation stops been a cliche
I will give my self a little grace
I will let you pick me up and wipe my tears
I will let you whisper into my ears how much I'm loved
I will run smashing into you when I've been smashed by the world

Times we fall aren't times to keep falling
Times we fall are times to be caught
This moment is for you Sweet Jesus
This moment is for you
Catch me

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