Friday, April 20, 2012

The Breathing of Your Heart [It's So Easy]

It is so easy to name all you are and forget who you are.
It is so easy to mention all you've got and forget God's got you.
Today I caught my self analyzing an appreciation and a well doing, mentioning how I did this and that to get that.
Can I be honest with you, God never came into the picture.

If you are strong, God is your strength and if not, you are weak. . . In the long run and even now, you are just being deceived.

If you are talented, God gave it to you and if not, you are empty. . . In the long run and even now, you are just behind a crumbling facade, like fancy lady makeup in the rain.

We are so small and yet so naïve. Who gets rid of God from the picture he's painting?
His name should be heralded in all art, music and book even if it isn't about Him, it must be about something He started.

Even if it doesn't make sense, He must be remembered for the obvious things we accomplished by ourselves.

I just sat on chair in my study, I said ' Thank you Jesus'
I just stretched my hands for a can of soda. I whispered a 'Thank You' again.
My lips would ache, sometimes I would forget.
But I must discipline a wayward heart yearning for glory and power to give it back to whom it's due at every instant
Sometimes hypocrisy creeps in when the lips are moving and the heart is frigid.
Open your heart and say a prayer every step of life's way
It's not about you. Everything.
There's a maker
There's a picture painter who also came into the picture.
Do not say He isn't a part of everyday life.
Never rant some things are allowed not to include Him
Let 'Thank You' be the breathing of your heart.

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  1. Nice one bruv, God bless your grateful soul...I see a great future!



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