Monday, April 30, 2012


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For Those Who Ask Questions.

Do you ever feel small in a world you have to use airplanes to walk across?
Do you ever sense the hand of a big God in a world you’re too small to walk across like you’re in your room?
We are the small beings who can outlast the world we can’t walk across if only we allow a God so infinitely big to dwell in finitely little us

Do you ever have questions you seem not to find answers to?
Like a heart that keeps breaking and someone who died for no reason?
Do you ever come across contrasts that seem so not understandable?
Like light, a particle and a wave
Like big things found in small things
Like God not seen but everywhere
Like the same God having the whole world in his hands but coming in as a little baby just like us.
If you search for answers and find none, it doesn’t mean some questions have no answers
If you try to explain the paradox and end up where you started, It doesn’t mean there are problems with no solutions.
Step beyond yourself.
We are small beings asking big questions but wanting small answers we can take in.

Welcome. God.
He’s lion and the lamb
He’s father and a friend
He’s fire and the source of the streams that flow in desert places
Now you have a question.
Never mind, He’s the answer.
Can you handle him?
No you can’t
No you shouldn’t
Just trust Him
Stand at the edge
Take a deep breathe
And thrust yourself into ocean God
Start to swim and discover
You will find for yourself they weren’t contrasts after all
Hard questions with no answers or life paradox circles that brings us back where we started
No they weren’t
They were just realities that could never be understood from the edge of doubt
You need to be in the sea to see things in the sea
You need to be in the sea to see things for what they are
We risk jumping
We risk letting go
Sometimes the best we do is to stand at the edge and point fingers to God
It’s not too late
That you are reading this; Dive in
Take my hands through the proverbial paper and do that leap of faith
I have jumped and didn’t land on hard ground with broken bones
I was caught. . .
By the Sea
In the sea we see things as they are
By the sea we see things as we are
By the sea is not in the sea
Don’t make your conclusions by the sea
Jump into the sea.
It takes faith
It takes leaving all you have been told 
It takes leaving all you have known
It takes stepping beyond yourself  
The end of fear is faith
The end of self is the your real self
It’s worth it.
In the sea we see.

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