Friday, May 4, 2012


There are times like every pregnant woman, Christ gives us a leave from the locomotive life job and commits to us the focused task which we term mundane of nurturing the seed that is in us. Like a loyal husband, he promises to provide all we will need, feed on and live with. This is the practical rest of God. But most times we hear the 'boisterous' wind from the people get to us. We let those who didn't form us or know us define our lives when the creator is carving a masterpiece.
If you are pregnant, you must know this about spiritual pregnancy; not all eyes can see your baby bump.
If you choose the voice of men over the voice of truth, you would abort and end up wailing at the end of times in a pool of blood. It could have been a dream.
There's a time all seems still and not much is happening on the outside. It's not cause you serve an inactive God, much isn't really meant to happen on the outside at these times. A lot is going-on on the inside, the story of lives is being woven, a dream is being formed, detailed answers to nation and people's needs and questions are being delivered to you and you must be attentive and stop focusing on all you want to have and go your way.
For me, the waiting period is always a time to take huge steps of faith, to walk with a light those around me can't see in a room they have termed dark and hard to move around in. To hope a little more when there are no signs of the promise on the horizon. To be the source of love when selfishness is the new pride in my community. I tell you, times like this might be one of the 'unsurest' times in our lives and at the same time times to be really sure of the things we have termed ourselves sure about.
In our nights and pregnancies, the instantaneous feeling is usually a dread if this would ever end but the faithfulness and goodness of God can always be trusted. Pregnancies become babies after a certain time, nights (no matter how long) turn into day for those who wait to see it. Please wait. Don't give up. . . on the dream or anything God's told you. Carry it carefully. Don't let people who can only see in 2D tell you your God given 3D dream isn't ever going to be possible. Wait well and put your focus on God. When you see your 'baby' I promise you, the joy outweighs all you went through ( ask any mother, seriously I asked one :))

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