Monday, May 14, 2012

'Good': The Great Enemy of 'Great'.

I love sure things, honestly they are like a rock for us when we find ourselves in deep blue seas, a refuge, a fortress, like in [the movie] 'Castway', you know, finding an island when you are lost at sea and that island is your haven. You find a 'home', no more cold nights and you are 'safe'.
But this place termed 'safe', this comfortable good-enough, this haven of ours we suddenly come across when we are desperate and we have prayed and prayed then an answer comes [I have seen] to be the death of many dreams.
We get the job that pays well and affords the basic luxuries and then it must be the devil telling us to try new grounds with a consulting business idea.
We have the children we have longed, fasted and prayed for and it must be the devil telling us not to home school them.
We get that big money and it must be the devil whispering into our ears 'Give it'.
I believe heaven is overflowing with great things for us on earth but our fists are tightly clenched to the good ones we have received.
And our fear - God's eyes aren't big enough to sustain or keep what He's given us.
Remember Isaac, a son for a nation.
Remember Hannah, are you willing to hand over back (in ways beyond your comprehension) the things you have been given by God?
This is a sure thing - The gift God has given us but God is a surer thing. In fact the surest. And if we still have God when everything seems shaky, we have everything.
You have arrived at good, and that's good enough. What about great?
What is God calling you to surrender at an altar like an Isaac?
What is He wooing you in obedience to bring back to His house?
What are you holding with clenched fists that is meant to be handled with open hands?
Cause sometimes friend, the very thing that distracts us from the great destiny God has for us is the good land He brings us through that we choose to settle in.
Today I challenge you, don't let 'good' compel you to settle at 'good', go for 'GREAT'
Question of the day: Looking at your life presently, what are the 'risky' and uncomfortable steps God is calling you to take that in the grand scheme of things is a call into something better and greater? What is He calling you to hold with open hands?

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  1. nw dats wat we r talking about! Bin tinking about dis for a while. Something we shld rily focus on. Well done (Y).



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