Friday, May 11, 2012


The power of a name is in it's beauty
The beauty of a name is that somehow we are defined and tagged by it knowingly and unknowingly
We are not our names, or are we?

I have had my share of names
Some terrible, they felt like stones every time they were hurled at me
Some horrible, I died each time I was called
And some so good it kept me and caged me from my best.

We are not our names, or are we?
We are not our names but we desperately need a name
Everyone and I say EVERYONE must be called something
Everyone and I insist EVERYONE craves to be called something
But we are here receiving the names thrown at us
Some good, most we detest

'Have you seen the new beautiful girl in English class'
'The buffalo shaped mouth guy had the guts to ask me to step aside on the lunch queue today'
They mutter about what matters to us as we walk the road of life
'You legs are hot'
'You legs are not'
'You are intelligent'
'Are you a dunce?'
We hear as we go

I once sat with little boy for 10 minutes. 'You are so . . . ' I ended up with 'smart'. Cause I saw a depth, so many good things I just had to hang on to that.
'No I'm not' he said and looked into my eyes
'Why do you think you're not' I asked
'They told me so' He said
We both knew 'they' though there was no one around.

'They' are us
We are 'they'
What are you calling the ones around you?
What names are you giving?
Wait, before you think too far for an answer
You made no man
You formed no man
If you want to name any being carved by the hands of God, you must be willing to be the mouth of God.

". . .And I will give to each one a white stone, and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one understands except the one who receives it." - Jesus (Revelation 2:17b NLT)

"We must learn to separate our 'who' from our 'do' even if we receive names for what we do."

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