Friday, March 30, 2012


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The first of the rains came today
We sat and waited in the heat of the noon till we heard the thunder and felt the cool breeze
Happy were we
Happy was I

I love the water from heaven
It is a reminder of all things joy, purpose and hope
They say it is as pure as they come but somewhere between the clouds and the brown ground it chooses it's own color

I love the waters heaven pours
It is a refreshing, for the traveler of the dry seasons and the human who has never tasted water
It is a reminder of the promise
You will grow
You will grow again
At the scent of heaven's water
So here I am praying for growth and harvest after the rain has ended it downpour 
Here I am with open hands asking for a new tree in place of the dead tree in our old garden
But we must always ask ourselves if we planted seeds before the rain
Man does the natural , and God in his infinite mercies would add the super making all we have and do supernatural
The rain would come but have you planted seeds?

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