Monday, March 26, 2012


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Mama always told me how essential it was for me to get my things ready for the future
Near or far
Where are you going in life my dear?
Do you have the things you need to get there
If you don't get it and be ready
Pack your bags
Be ready for the future

I have held on to this all my life
And I have always been poised for the next leaving nothing 'un-calculated'
Even to shopping, buy one for now, buy another to keep for latter
And maybe this very thing
Maybe this very virtue is what holds me back every now and then to trust sometimes a God who leads through a cloud
Maybe this is the very thing that wants me to decipher Him like logic
Solve Him like arithmetic
and pat my brains when the task is done
 Cause sometimes unlike Mama, He invites me on a journey and warns me on not bringing any supplies along
He is two steps ahead and I'm still questioning how I'm going to survive with no supplies of mine.

"God promises bread for a day then another, then another. Most times I want my store house full for a year. I think real faith is receiving today's bread and knowing He would provide tomorrow"

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