Friday, March 2, 2012

When Freedom is Staring You in The Face: Dead Kings [Part 2]

This is the second part in the 'Freedom In Your Face' Series. To read the First part titled 'Opened Prisons' Click here

[Image by Priom]
Dead Kings

What happened to the king who was overthrown by his brother is a good question to ask if you read the first part of this post. Did he ever walk out of the open prison? Did he ever embrace the freedom that was so close to him? I would answer that. He never did. Plates after plates of food that came he consumed. Bottles after bottles of wine that was brought he poured in, promising to not touch the next. Maybe tomorrow he said till there was no tomorrow. He died having with him the key to life. He died with the possibility of something else outside the door he chose to never walk out of. 

Friends, the time is always now. Nothing happens overnight. Success at anything isn’t a leap as most portray it to be. It’s more like a slow crawl that finally gets you to where you’ve always wanted in the end. And if it doesn’t happen overnight, our duty isn’t to give up our duty is to keep pressing on.
I wonder if this king had started the journey of denying his appetites, of walking out of his open prison by just refusing what was brought close to him. One of the worst nightmares anyone can come across in the future is the opportunity that could have been theirs if they made a different choice. 

The difference between a reigning king and a dead king sometimes isn’t just a crown worn; it’s sometimes in denying our appetites to walk into freedom.

Happy New Month to all my readers. Welcome to March, a whole new level of freedom awaits you. Take a walk into your destiny :)


  1. Success truly does not come overnight, and it takes solid reminders like this to keep this in check. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by Jaycee. God bless you even more. Happy new month :)



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