Thursday, March 29, 2012

iRecommend [Anchors & Silhouettes by Nicole Croteau]

I woke my Facebook and Twitter up on Monday morning with an update that read something like this

"Looking for thaat album that would creep into your heart and help you say all the things you really want to say which you haven't found words for this morning? iRecommend Nicole Croteau's 'Anchors & Silhouettes'. Beautifully crafted music, you don't want to miss this one, it's a 5 star :)"
 And honestly I couldn't have described it better cause Nicole's album is really one you don't want to miss out on. Please go get Nicole Croteau debut album, Anchors & Silhouettes  . Words cant describe the beauty of it. No matter what genre yo listen, I can assure you, you would love it. My best tracks on the album are Falling, Amazing, Sacred Romance, Devon, Butterflies . . . Okay I'm almost writing the track list but really it's a press play album, you know one of those you just don't get to skip any track.
You can read a review of the album I penned here
Till next time on iReccomend, always remember
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  1. ThechristianmusicjunkieMarch 29, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    I agree Nicole's album is amazing! Lately I have been listening to TFK's new album which is "wicked"! I love it! Also "pieces of a real heart" by sanctus real

  2. Thousand Foot Crutch's got a new album? Didn't even know that. And you can say that again, Nicole Croteau's album is simply amazing. Thank you :)



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