Thursday, March 15, 2012


 [Image by Donna Irene]

[This Actually Happened To Me]

10:00 am
I stop at the door remembering a thing I need for the day ahead.
So I drop my bag and head back in  in search of this thing.

10:05 am
It's not where I thought it would be so I'm headed for the store place. You don't want to know how much my store place scares me. No you don't want to. Inside the store place, I start moving things and start searching the first pile. I need this thing for the day ahead. It really can't wait.

10:20 am
I'm back to where I thought it should be and I can't really thinking of where it could be apart from here. A thought of somewhere far away comes to mind, I discard and head back to the top pile I left in the storehouse.

10:40 am
After numerous and futile searches I decide to bring down the whole pile and search the place that came to mind for the thing. I'm sweaty and my day clothe dirty. I'm angry, angry at no one in particular, maybe boxes and scattered papers. Arghh! But this is painful.

10:50 am
I get to the bottom pile. The lazy part of me wants to start rearranging without checking the last pile. Putting my stubbornness aside I open up the last box and there is the document I've been looking for  for almost an hour now.

Sometimes we know where what we want is but we just don't want to do the hard work of getting it. It applies to a dream to


11:00 am
Looking well it isn't the right one, I have had an upgrade after this very one, its that that I'm looking for.
Still angry, I start rearranging the pile and putting things back in place. I get to the first pile and somehow I ruffle the first pile mindlessly, I don't know why, maybe to say goodbye. There, just beside some old paper sat what I wanted, the original one.

Sometimes, we have no idea of where what we really want is. Sometimes we are searching in all places, even the wrong places for what we want. We need a Light to show us how to get it. It applies to life and the desires that come with it too.

A smile broke on my stern face as it dawned on me. I picked up my tote and walked into the sunlight.

"You will search for me. And when you search for me with all your heart, you will find me" - God (Jeremiah 29:13 NCV)

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