Monday, July 2, 2012

The Pieces

Keep the pieces
Never let them go
For a long time I was frustrated by the only shards I was able to glean after a laborious day of lingering in the writing room
I would grind my teeth at the prospect of not having to finish a particular piece
But I forgot that all works of art are pieces, little fragments telling a whole story
That even a complete work is in-complete
The worker or artist just rested, stopped or passed it on
Most times I tore sheets of poetry because they were incomplete
Other times I broke jars of prose because I couldn't fill them with enough water until I heard our real job as people of art is to keep the pieces.
Imagine God who is the greatest artist discarding and throwing into the bin of heaven every broken parts of our lives, you and me. Imagine cause I don't want to imagine that.
But he chooses to tell a complete story even with all these things, (at least for those who bring all their broken pieces,) that story he tells not discarding the pieces leaves the whole all in awe.
It's always a nonsensical story, foolish to the wise and wise to the foolish.
This we must see
This we must learn
That the best works of art aren't ' 'perfect' but they are more like mosaic: little shards, broken pieces held by glue that can't be broken and that very thing is the artist effect
These days I have (concurrently running) at least ten word documents open at the same time
Little drops I will put down
Little shards I will keep
Cause when clay is in my hands, I must remember whose hands I'm in and how he handles me
We like to throw away the pieces, to clear space and live clutter free which is a good thing if we aren't discarding heaven's treasure.
If your courts are overflowing, pray to heaven for an expansion of territory. Treasures are given for a reason. There is an outlet and an idea cash flow for every abundance.
And really this is it: we are quick to recognise seeds for seeds but what if, just what if the little notes, the little ideas, the little words, the little everything being sent your way are seeds. What if they are to test to see how you would handle the tree that is meant to be in your garden.
And if you are a writer I hope you aren't seeing trees for trees. Cause your tree is the book, books, that masterpiece you are meant to leave for a broken but yet beautiful world
Ever wondered why there are pieces in masterpieces? Please keep the pieces.
Have you had a situation where you went back to a left over or abandoned work or project which latter turned out GREAT? I would love to hear from you in the comments


  1. My PhD thesis obviously! I think I get the best out of it sometimes when I leave it hanging for days and then come back to it. I sort of have this new view of it that more like a third party view. lol
    It doesn't last long though; maybe another day or two.


    - LDP

    1. I read an article recently on how everyone can practice arts even they aren't artists. The writer of the article talked about doctors, researchers and even salemen handling their jobs like it's a craft. I'm glad that you have decided to handle your thesis in such a way and it always comes out more beautiful.
      Thank you my professor for stopping by :)



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