Monday, July 23, 2012

In An Ideal World.

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In an ideal world we will all be on vacations, enjoying what life is, enjoying how life is.
Loving what we do and doing what we love.

If you find me in an ideal world, I would be caught with a mug of hot sweet cocoa (If it be a cold cold cold weather) or sipping iced sugar saturated juice (on a hot sweaty day) while writing and writing. Writing words to make the world a better place. 

Remember it’s an ideal world and there are no distractions and we have all we need. I would write until I want to read and read books so good till I want to write. I would take long walks in the evening with shoes so comfy they make me want to walk around the world. I would practice with a band on the nights forming songs that remind us all who we are and why we came to being in the first place. We would sing our songs to those who wish to hear, to friends and strangers who long for a tune like ours over fine food and ginger beer. 

In an ideal world there would also be days you would find me amongst friends who love me for who I am and not just what I do. We would all come with the works of our hands; a poem, a song, a business idea or even an idea as crazy as to skate on the sun. We would listen, analyze, criticize, and strategize. We would tell ourselves hard truths on how we are ‘unidealizing’ our ideal world, on how stupid, crazy, great and cool we have been lately and encourage ourselves how to make it more ideal.

In an ideal world I would do that I long for from my heart. Cause there are no distractions and side attractions and my heart can come out of its cage and dance round the room called world. In an ideal world I would be who I always longed to be before I found out who I could not be.
But the true story about ideals is that they tell us how things are supposed to be. So I ask you today, how are things supposed to be? If money problem, ego preservation and past hurts weren’t available what would you be? what would you do? 

Step into the ideal world and draw on paper with words or fine art what you would be doing in such a world then stare and let it consume you. Cause the secret about ideals is that they never exist on their own, we bring them into being.


  1. I love the post but I loved the last sentence even more... "...the secret about ideals is that they never exist on their own, we bring them into being." VERY TRUE.

    God bless you bro.

    - LDP



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