Monday, July 9, 2012

The Leader Amongst Us.

Who are the leaders amongst us?
Those who see the BIG picture and are agitated when we dwell in small circles?

Who are the leaders amongst us?
Those who have a glimpse of how it is meant to be and wail like prophets of old at us?

Honestly in real leadership, there's a tendency to be mistaken, a tendency to be judged by your actions and not your heart.
But wait ain't it better to 'spank' up to hear the alarm of devastation, obscurity, 'mundaness', oblivion and all things that can go wrong with a system when we resist change than to 'sing' a lullaby to ourselves till we arrive at the place no one wants to be? Ain't it?

I believe real leadership isn't 'autocratic' and domineering but it is the ability to inspire and woe until we arrive at a better place and most times not mincing the truth which could be hard on us at times.

So I ask once more, who are the leaders amongst?

Those who get frustrated by the status quo and do what ever it really takes to bring about a better change even if it cost them themselves.

Note, I never said leaders are afraid of confrontation or truth telling even when hard.

What conversations and confrontations have you been avoiding? Are you a leader amongst us? If yes, can we have them today cause we need you.

I think great leaders are selfless, aren't afraid to stand up for truth and confront issues hands-on; letting go of their fear of being misinterpreted by the hard actions they take.
What characteristics do you think GREAT leaders possess? Would love to read your thoughts :)

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