Friday, February 17, 2012

Your Efforts Are Seen

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Imagine with me for a moment, you just arrived in a city, let’s call it FabulouCity. And you have an appointment at the city’s central mall. You have an appointment but no directions. So here you are trying to find your way through the city to where you want to go and you are asking people ‘Hello, please where is the FabulouCity central mall’. Blank stare and they walk past you like you do not exist. Some even walk straight through you, collide with you and find out you aren’t invisible and do not even utter a 'sorry'. You are trying all you can to get to where you want to but it seems like it’s impossible to get through.

Far-fetched right? But a lot of people are in real situations like this today and they are trying all they can to get to where God has shown them. First thing I would like to tell you if you are reading this is,

Your efforts are seen
God sees how much you desire his will and how much you are putting in to get there. God is your judge here and be careful on how fellow men tell you how much you are under-working or over-working. That’s the first part, now on to the second.

Be still, when you do not know what to do
Everyday I’m coming to realize that the only necessary work required from every child of God is being still. Run a thousand miles, without God, relative advancement equals zero. We must learn to lean on God to chart the course for us before we go out on the course. So really next time you don't know what to do, Be still. Do the only work that would save unnecessary work.

So remember whenever you find yourself in FabulouCity, your efforts are seen, God knows how much you are putting in and He loves you. And always remember, He rewards every love labor. Also, when you do not know what to do, just be still. Do the hard work of being still to relieve yourself of doing the harder work of being stressed, random and confused.

Back to Fabuloucity, you sit down by a side walk bench to breathe in and just be still, your eyes glances a purple pamphlet on the floor just beside the bench you are sitting on. It’s an advert of a Ford exhibition, it’s dated yesterday but it took place at the FabulouCity Central Mall.


  1. Love this, Ayomide. I gotta say, the harder part for me is being still when I'm positive I know exactly what to do.

    I've learned, the hard way, that at that moment, I most need to stop, be quiet, and listen.

  2. "I've learned, the hard way, that at that moment, I most need to stop, be quiet, and listen"
    Oh Sheila, what insight and wisdom you've brought here. You remind me today of the call author John Eldredge gave in his book 'Fathered by God' for those who have experienced not just to hide it all up but to stand up as sages in a generation in need of direction. Honestly, I can't wait to have you on here Sheila :)

  3. This pride of mine, it even haunts my prayer! When I have no idea how a situation could be redeemed, I pray, "Your will, please, Father!" Unfortunately, more often I do have my own ideas of what would "fix" something....and then I'm sending up a laundry list of requests: "Please heal my friend. Soften so-and-so's heart. Give me stamina...."

  4. Hmm. . . He's more eager to have our 'laundry list' than we are to hand them over to him :)



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