Friday, February 24, 2012


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Antsy: n. a state of being eager or nervous. Origin: From the phrase have ants in one's pants;

Hello, where are you and how are you? Are you waiting for something big in your life, about to make a major decision, maybe about a relationship? The worse thing we can do to mess up everything is be in a hurry about things working out. Hurry sounds like worry and trust me, they are sometimes the same thing.

Today I found myself asking thousands of 'reasonable' questions about a particular situation in my life. What if. . . What if? They were all good questions and sensible in counting the cost about the situation but a good question asked at the wrong time is still a wrong one.

We must trust God with our situations and the way He plans on bringing them to pass. Sometimes yes they could cause us to be so excited and eager till we fall to the nervous side, to the worrying side. God would help us cross our hurdles when we come to them. He has an answer for every question we might want to ask but there's a right time for every question.

You are a young lady waiting for your knight in golden armor? Stop asking when he would come when God has told you to make yourself ready and beautiful for him (the knight of course) in deeper ways. A more appropriate question is: Lord, what areas am I currently ugly at?

Or maybe you are a guy asking God for a wife, God shows her to you, and you know deep down and you are already asking 'what if I get tired of loving her?' or maybe you are asking 'what If I she says no?'. Now you see how dumb your question is.Before asking her anything you are already assuming 'no'. Brother, she can't say no to no proposal. You've got to step out with the answers you've got first.

And it all ends like this. God is faithful and true to himself. We must believe his already given answers they lead to the other answers. But when we choose to be antsy, and throw our 'good' questions out at the wrong time, cross our hurdles before we get to them, please do me the favor of looking for a man whose gotten (soldier) ants into his pants, that's how crazy we look.



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