Monday, February 6, 2012

For The Conformer

[Image via phillipe leroyer]

They say you want to be like the humans you are seeing
Do you see your creator or you think you just happened
It is true what the mystics said 
Those who want to be like other men haven't seen God
Those who choose another original over themselves are tired of waiting, that's when the adjustment sets in and they build their homes where there were once meant to be only tents
We are advised and encouraged to build tents cause of the day everything would be shaken
Even homes built with hard bricks of clay and foundations of the human design
The question is what would we be after then if we chose the mask?
The human must open
He must bud like a rose and sometimes the journey to discovery is messy
To cover it all up with a mask ends us up in a pool of blood
Remove the mask and let the work begin
It's beautiful after some time
Have you seen the butterfly?

Ponder: We find a new and alternative definition for our selves has the moments elopes us. There's a new gadget and a new movie we have not or haven't seen, you are old or unimproved if you don't have or do that. The pull is so strong to be like the humans who have made head ways in our world even when we aren't so sure of where they end, but a question for you, who are you? Are you the definition of man or the definition of God? What values are you accepting? Is heaven still your home? How adjusted are you when you are meant to be  just passing through the land? Are you building tents or homes? These are question that wouldn't make us sleep and keep us eagerly waiting for our true being. I dare you to let God be creative with you, I dare you to seek His definition and yes I dare you to but off the mask.



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