Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mr. Loveless [ A Valentine's Day Special]

The bad isn’t a day dedicated to the celebration of pure love between a man and a woman. The bad is more in the 'mis-education' and misinterpretation of love we all have around us. Who knows love? Who knows what love is? That’s my question for today.

Money can’t buy love so the girl who interprets the expensive gadget he brings to her on a day like this as an ‘I Love you’ is just so wrong

Sex isn’t love so the boy looking for love in a one night stand or the strip house has gone the wrong way.

Love is beyond the physical eyes so all who say they fell in love because of what they saw need a more substantial base

So what is love?
It breaks my heart that the people, the one group that still roams this earth, that has a lot to say about love in every form,( in fact they’ve got a whole book that speaks about one crazy lover’s chase after his beloved ) rarely speak about it. Yes Christians, followers of Christ. Mention it and a lot would cringe or remain.

Love isn’t sex but sex could deepen the bond when the bond is first made. One night stands and all things out of marriage go out the window at this point.

It would save us a whole lot of mess and bloodiness when we realize in perspective that the love here is a representation a metaphor of the love there.

When we try to love without God we end up in a lot of sinking sands
Love has earned a very bad name thanks to lust, its fake product from the devil’s hand
If you follow God, you must tell new love stories thereby repainting the real image of love.
The solution isn’t to hide it all from our kids, from our friends and let them discover the false stories being told out there. And also the solution isn’t to get it all out there losing all restraints.
There are two extremes denying our ‘loveliness’ and sexuality or being driven by it and there is sure a space in between. God helps us find our rightful space in between.

Stop it!
We aren’t angels
We aren’t animals
We aren’t Mr. Loveless
We aren’t Mr. Lustful
We are humans
We are wired to love
To love well and not fall at the extremes, the God of Jesus is needed in these things.

 A Happy Love Day To You All :)


  1. Yeah, love is not all kinds of definitions we give it. Agape love is the closest definition to the love of God, and that encompasses every other kind. Happy love day to you as well. :)

  2. Yes! God is indeed love. May we not be caught in the several distractions that paint themselves as love these days, missing the real love Himself - GOD!

    - LDP

  3. Amen! Thanks so much for stopping by my professor, It such a honour. I hope you had a great Val's day and how's your thesis coming up ?

  4. Thank you so much Jaycee. I'm sure you don't know how much it means to me when I see your comments. You are a blessing! Hope you had a great love day. So what was the new gift? He he he he :)



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