Monday, February 28, 2011


For so long, I tried
I changed all I could
The outside
The things I could grasp
The things people could see
The things I could see when I tend to be shortsighted
I changed them and I thought I changed
If the world could be honest
They could have just told me
I was still the same old me
Somehow somewhere was the same old me behind all the things I tried to change

The things that really matter aren't things we can grasp
If something stinks in the fridge
You clean the outside for all eternity
The day you open up the fridge again
The nose knows something is still wrong

Real change comes from within
Real change comes when we let the One who can grasp the things we can't grasp grasp the things in need of grasping
Changing the outside is like wasting precious time
When change happens on the inside, it shows on the outside

I have tried to change for a while
And I'm learning
One thing I know is. . . .
The nose knows
If I clean the outside and bottle up some trash on the inside
The nose knows
If I pretend all is well and all isn't really well
The nose knows
If I try to substitute pretty things for inner beauty
The nose knows

I desire change
Though difficult but worth it
In the end the fridge gets opened up
In the end all things are revealed
In the end all deeds are seen in the light of grace

I desire change
Though difficult but transforming
Ask the caterpillar how it became the beautiful butterfly we love to admire
From the inside out
It isn't a caterpillar anymore
Call it one and it flutters away as the butterfly it is

I desire change
Though difficult but liberating
It would help us love the light and dance in it
It would turn white washed tombs into the dwelling of the Holy
It would turn Saul into Paul
It would turn the crawling caterpillar into the flying butterfly we see

I desire change
But the nose knows
When true change happens and when it don't
The nose knows
What really are we scared of !
But it's beautiful in it's entirety
Oh. . .
That the deeds of the dark would be revealed in the light?
That light would dwell where darkness once encroached?
That a possibility of good could rise from the ashes of the bad?
What are we afraid of?

I desire change
But of one thing I'm sure
When the deeds of the dark are revealed if we choose to dance in the light
It would not be a mess but a message

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