Sunday, February 20, 2011



10:20 AM
Sunday 20th of February, 2011
Location: Church

I keep teaching you the words of the Divine
You keep writing in shades and lines
You are not actually writing
You are actually drawing
I won't get angry
Draw on child
I won't grow weary
Write on child
You are drawing not writing
But you might be writing the pictures you see

If worship is an exercise out of the mundane
Can't we expect that which is out of the ordinary?
If walking with God is an experience
Must we all have the same adventure with Him?

You are drawing
I won't be cynical
Bless us
Bless us child
If this is a worship the Father appreciates; draw on

Like stained glasses of a cathedral
We all are a part of his body; the church
Through us he expresses his light in different shades

My word to you
Let this be a reverence
An expression to the Father of the uniqueness of your heart
A worship that would touch the Father's heart
And in the end. . . .

I hope He expresses his heart to us through you
I hope we see the Father's heart in a new light of love
And above all
I hope you draw God
I long to see his face



I was sitting in youth group in my church while one of the youth pastors was guiding the class into the discourse of the day. I wasn't taking a class today but I decided to stay back at the youth group (instead of heading to the main church) and join in. The week before had been an experience and I didn't want to miss out on this one.
It's amazing the way God speaks. Sometimes it could be through something so dramatic and sometimes in the quiet. And sometimes it could be through a teenage boy who decides to draw while others are taking notes of scriptures and words that speak to their hearts in a Sunday class. I was drawn in and I decided to write the above.


This is not meant to be a discourse on worship but can I just say a few things?
Most people camp worship into just singing. I agree, we are commanded numerous times to raise a God-song in the scriptures. In fact God detailed in the book of chronicles how he wanted the music to be in the temple to the Israelites. Music is a powerful thing that moves hearts- our hearts and even the Father's heart. But what happens to the 'non-musical' people? What happens to people who don't even recognize the difference of a song and a said sentence? If worship was restrictive to music it cuts them out of the pleasure.
Worship is giving God pleasure. The pleasure you give should flow through you too. What is that thing that gives so much pure pleasure to your heart when you do it? For me, sometimes to regain my heart in a crazy world, I find someplace where I can have some solitude and pour out my heart in poetry. And the amazing thing is . . . He speaks! God responds. And that's a key in worship. Lots of people 'worship' without a response. The soul isn't transformed. No deep holiness is wrought from within. Please note, I'm not saying that's the aim of worship. Worship is to give God pleasure not our own self and that's key. But who would dance before a King without leaving with a gift? Talk less the King of kings.
Leaving the stereotype might be hard cause of traditions and what we are used to. But the first and essential step is walking with God. That's how we know what He requires from us.


The teenage boy I was sitting next to (whom I talked of earlier on) didn't eventually bless us with the face of God. He drew Ben 10! Argh! I guess he was simply distracted. But still it was a blessing. Till next time on Sunday blog, it's me your boy.

The King's Son
a.k.a Ayo Stephens

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