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Monday Morn
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Hello everyone,

Through out this week I would be uploading a write up/verse/poem whatever name you would like to give it each morning. It's from somewhere deep inside, a treasure in it's own right. Some have been written a while ago. One for each day till saturday. The first would run this Monday morn.

Your duty fellow bloggers and dear readers - read deeply, think about the truths embedded in the vault of words. Of some things I'm sure; life is too short for nonsense. Every human life has a calling on it. Every life has a choice to rise above the craziness that clings , no matter the race, no matter the color, no matter what it has come to believe about life. This is your life- so what are you gonna do about it?

It's a beautiful morning over here this Monday morn. Waking up beautifully to a reality unfolding around me as CCM's veteran band Third Day's 'Born Again' plays over my air waves. A sort of soberness I can control cuts through my heart. The world I live in needs me to be me more than ever though it might never admit it but am I brave enough? Am I brave enough to be like Aragon in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy who gives up his life time to save a people under the siege of a dark lord. There's always a price to pay and that's one thing I'm sure of. In the end when beauty comes nobody remembers the travails of the caterpillar. We see the butterfly and rejoice.

As I rummage around this house this morn, I'm praying from the deepest part of me. Show me Lord. Show me what it takes to be a beautiful flower in the midst of storm that has taken the best part of our town already. Show me what it takes to be a man using his strength to save and not defile the damsels in distress. Show me what it takes to be faithful to a King I can't see.

But is it that I don't know some things. Like Love, though beautiful and serene is able to silence the tongue of evil and transform the ugly step sister who demeans our Cinderella into a princess too. Yes in fact a beautiful princess.

Another duty for you fellow bloggers and readers- that you Rethink this life. We aren't random. The God who made us isn't directionless. Purpose shines through in all his handiwork.
Wake up to his Purposes for you. As this week unfolds read deeply, be blessed and also recommend this blog to a friend. Email the link to a relative, friend, loved one via Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace and even Blogger. Who knows you might have just awaken a soul. Feel free to send your stories on how each writing or how this week on this blog has been an inspiration, a blessing and an encouragement. I would love to hear from you ( Twitter: @ayostephens Email: ). And ouh! The track just changed. It's Francesca Battistelli's Beautiful. God is indeed interested in our hearts this morn. Have a beautiful day and expect my first entry blog for this beautiful in some minutes :)

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