Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best List! [2012]: Music [Singles]

Were there songs that just couldn't stop listening to at some point during this year? I had a couple of those. Below is a list of my best hit singles of the year in no particular order.

Ho Hey by The Lumineers
The Lumineers are not an ‘out there’ Christian band. I’m not even sure if they are Christians but I came across this song via the RELEVANT podcast and I must say it’s worth the 4MB space on any iPod.

Music by Beckah Shae
This is a really good song. Never heard anything like it before.

Fearless by Group 1 Crew
“As I stand in the eye of the storm, it’s your love that keeps guiding me on. I’m fearless. I’m fearless” :) 

Your Song by Poema
Your song by Poema is that song you come across on an album you weren’t big on at a time. This was my best drive song this year. 
Another One by Chris Cobbins
Great song. Very catchy too. Get the album it’s on for free here.

Caught Up in Love by J Moss
Something funny happened with this song. I had the album didn’t like the song. Then a friend told me about it. Went back to it and then liked it. I meant loved it.

Hello Feat. Suzy Rock by KB
I love this song.

Crave by For King and Country
This is the non-worship song I found myself lifting my hands to at every point during this year. My year Anthem. Lol.

Sparrow by Audrey Assad
Audrey Assad’s Sparrow couldn’t have missed this list. You need to blow up your apartment with this song over your very good speakers to know what I mean. Apologize to your neighbors latter (if you have one).

1961 by The Fray
I’m surprised this song made my list. I will have been surprised also if it didn’t.

Lame by Rachel Chan
What wouldn’t you love about Rachel Chan’s Lame? Epic.

*Below are also some great song that weren’t produced this year but should have made my list

Gbogbo Titi - Frank Edwards 

Beautiful things by Gungor

Beautiful Exchange by David’s Plea

You are on Our Side by Elevation Worship

Your Favor by Elevation Worship

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