Friday, December 28, 2012

The Best List! [2012]: Music [Albums]

From Veterans like Hillsong, Jaci Velasquez, Sandi Patti and Mark Schultz to newcomers like Nicole Croteau, Rachel Chan, Travis Ryan and Joshua Rogers, this year sure witnessed the release of some groundbreaking records. So I have come up with a list of the few I couldn't stop playing from top to bottom. I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy! 
Musical Revival by Forever Jones
This album was way diverse and more professional than their first Grammy nominated ‘Get Ready’ album. And creative too. 

Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices by The Welcome Wagon
Okay, this gets my overall outstanding album of the year. Produced by the veteran Sufjan Stevens and if you love books by dead guys (like me), you would quickly recognize the title was gotten from a book of the same name by Thomas Brooks written in 1652. I think what I love about this album is how genuine and creative it is in all its aspect, how a theme like story flows through it and how it’s so scripture focused unlike most creative albums. This I would say gets  my reflective/writing album for the year.

Anchors & Silhouettes by Nicole Croteau
I love this lady’s music. All I would say is, we need more artist and music like this. And just to let you know, She’s a member of the dream center band Press Play, Though you would never know with her style unless you were told. Oh, I just did. Lol!

Transformed by Cheneta Jones
Cheneta is an indie gospel artist I came across sometimes in the middle of the year. The intro of this album is worth the price of the whole album. So good.

Excellent by Propaganda
I’m surprised this album made my list. For one, I came across it later this year and two I’m not a BIG fan of rap music. But what I love about Propaganda’s Excellent is the length at which he goes artistically with the details on it. And guess what, you can get it for free here!

Stronger by Jor’Dan Armstrong
This is really an outstanding album. Never heard anything like it in a while. Really good stuff for you if you like the sounds of Sean Kingston, Neyo, Chris Brown and Jason Derulo.

The Loft Sessions by Bethel Live
Spooky worship! I love Bethel. This is one Worship album that is radically different. Listened to it a lot this year. Loved every bit of it.

Jesus at the center by Israel Houghton
Don’t hate if you learn this about me: I am not a fan of Israel’s music. Yes I said that but he got me with this one. So good. So so good!

Royalty by The Royal Royal
Royal Royal equals epicness. Unconventional music that would focus your attention on God. Their sound would bring to mind the classic sound of the ‘The Beatles’.

Destiny by Beckah Shae
You should sue me if anything Beckah Shae didn’t make this list. She’s da bomb!

*Please note. The albums mentioned were produced in the year 2012. I discovered some other great albums this year but didn’t make the cut because they weren’t produced this year. Each of the albums mentioned I also found to be press play albums (That is I didn’t have to skip any song while listening)

If you were to rewrite this list, what album(s) would you toss, what would you add to the list? I would love to hear from you :)

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