Monday, December 3, 2012

Snail [I Want My Shore]

Yesterday, I was a snail.
I crawled and crawled till I got tired and stopped.

At a particular point I walked to my study window and said looking at the blazing sun "When would the morning come?"
"I want this dark night to be over" I lamented in the sun flooded room.
"I want the shore, like I want my shore right now" cause it felt more like one of those expeditions on the arctic sea to discover a new territory I read about when I was much younger.

'Jesus I'm tired" I stopped and looked at the piece of paper on my post board which contained the last promise He had sent to me just a week ago.
I haven't seen that so I'll keep moving even if my only movement is a crawl, it is enough.

I want to do mighty glossy things but my microwave mentality helps me forget that great cities like Tokyo weren't built overnight.
I want to walk on water, have my name recorded in the book that matters most but sometimes I forget that is not all, there are waves and sea billows I have to press through to meet up with the one who has called me out of my cute little boat.

I want my shore. I want my shore. I want my shore. And this is no rant.

Some days back, a friend of mine looked up angrily from his 'work'  and exclaimed 'There's always more work to be done'. I smiled as I said to him in a voice he couldn't hear: That is life, work work work! but we've got to enjoy it.

There would always be a new mountain to climb, a new battle to conquer, and a new race to win. What would keep us relentless is if we see these things as opportunities and not obligations

Whatever you find to do, do it well because where you are going - the grave - there will be no working or thinking or knowing or wisdom - Ecclesiastes 9:10 

I think these are the best times for us; when we are crawling and we feel like jelly inside, when we have no strength and we fall back.
If we would only believe on in our weakness and press through, when victory comes or when that work is accomplished or when that book is written or when that art is created or when that project is finished, we can say boldly
'That was beyond me'
'That you see my dear is a miracle, my testimony'

Inspiration usually comes during work, rather than before it. - Madeleine L'Engle

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