Sunday, December 16, 2012

iRecommend: The Voice Bible [+Free Book Download]

if You Like: The Works of Shakespeare, The New International Version, The Message, The New Century Version

Some months back I bought a new bible translation and honestly I was really excited about this one. (You can read my first user experience here). The Voice Translation is a dynamic equivalent translation by The Ecclesia Bible Society. It's relevant, poetic and just any artist's dream bible. The bible is rendered in a drama/Shakespeare dialogue format without losing it's original word for word meaning ( How better can it get!). It's also got so much context and notes added for personal study.

Using the voice for a few months now and discovering that the whole new testament can be gotten for free, I couldn't resist sharing that information with my readers. So join me in this 3d bible experience.

Click here to get your copy! You can say thanks later. LOL! :)


Blowing out of proportion a portion of God's word (while neglecting the other parts) is like cutting off in mid-sentence a friend trying to explain to you directions to a place you've never been. You get lOsT! We have (as a generation) a responsibility to listen to what God is trying to say through the WHOLE bible.

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