Thursday, August 25, 2011

iRecommend [Young Love By Mat Kearney]

If You Like : BoB, Tinie Tempah, Eminem, Iyaz and One Republic

Okay guys! I just got a copy of Mat Kearney's 'Young Love' and I can't  stop listening to it. Mat Kearney who is known for recording songs that have appeared on popular TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill and many others is back with his fourth studio project.

Now this ain't a review but in my search for cool stuff I really don't mind sharing one or two treasures I stumble on once in a while. Mat's music is a mixture of Hip Hop, Rap, Soft rock, and Acoustic, though his last effort (City of Black and White) was strictly acoustic rock but this is on a whole new level. Watch out for the second track  'Ship In The Night' on this new album. It just absolutely outta the box! And Before I leave something I tweeted last night on twitter. It just keeps resounding in my head and here is it:

"Some people come into your life as blessings, Others come in as lessons. Identifying rightly leaves no room for bitterness"

So what do you reccomend? What's been bumping on your playlist recently?


  1. HeY just wanted to say thanks for following my blog! Oh and you said that you just found my blog and followed it....well same here! I just found yours and followed it! very cool! :D

  2. Thanks Courtney! Wow! It's a beautiful thing to connect with bloggers who have like minds. Once again thanks :D



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