Monday, August 15, 2011

The Story You Are Choosing

 [Image by James Sagi ]
There are two sides to every story. In fact that includes our story. Theres a story we know. The one we are familiar with, our history, the platforms we are used to performing our everyday life.  I am. . .. I am  . . .
But wait a second who are you? Dont bother you dont have to answer that. You answered already. Yes, we answer every day as we journey through life. And we are always very careful about answering. We look at what has gone before us. We look at the past. We look down history and pick finely with glee from our past like a child offered several options for a birthday dress I am . . .
Answering the who are you? question by looking behind might have hindered destiny for a man called Moses in the bible. Down historys story Moses was a murderer and he wasnt a fine speaker too. But my question is; how do murderers become deliverers? Or how stutterers do become persons who command kings with the hardest of hearts?
They choose. . .
They choose to hear another side of their story.
We say we are guilty. He says we are forgiven
We say we are lonely. He says he is with us
We say we have a marred history.
He says all has been wiped away by his blood
The world is telling us a story about us. God is telling us a story about us through Jesus Christ his son.
Which are you listening too?
Or rather which are you choosing to be your story?


  1. Hmmm. Deep.

    This reminds me of something my Pastor always says "Don't be who you are, be who God wants you to be"

    The way we see our selves is often quite different from the way God sees us. Also, who the world tells us we are is often very different from who we really are.

    Nice post

  2. This reminds me of one song that asks, whose report shall we believe. Thanks for sharing this, I will believe my Lord's side of the story. He is my alpha and Omega.

  3. You Welcome Myne. He's side of the story is always far better and can't even be compared. Thanks for stopping by :D

  4. "The way we see our selves is often quite different from the way God sees us. Also, who the world tells us we are is often very different from who we really are."
    I love that thought Mimi. We can easily receive a definition of ourselves from the world that it isn't truly ours, even for the good things. I'm choosing to go deeper, I wouldn't let the world define by the 'fine' things they see. I am who God says I am. He sees things the world's eyes have never seen about me. Thanks mimi for sharing :D

  5. Did you ever read "A million miles in a thousand years" by Donald Miller? Its a Christian book about the art of storytelling and how that applies to your life, especially how that can change the way you live/tell your story. Check it out if you haven't allready, judging by your bookshelf it should be to your liking!

  6. Hi Eugene, Yes I love Donald Miller (though i haven't read any of his books). His blog is a first stop for me once i power up my iPad. I have always wanted to get 'Blue Like Jazz' and 'A million miles in a thousand years' but it's not available in my country and getting it off amazon isn't so easy. But still looking forward to it. Thanks for stopping by Eugene :)



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