Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rewriting The Unwritten

It is when we come out of the room we made with the bricks of the past that we discover that we can do many things.

We are more than we are and we are becoming. The future is our blank page where we can begin again a beautiful story.

But the fear. . . The fear of rewriting a grammatical error like we did in the past

The fear again of leaving the main character in a pool of blood at the end of our new story like we did before

We all want happy endings but it's surprising that not all get the happy ending desired

This should point to a truth
Those who are wise when given a second chance at writing their stories hand over the pen and learn.

We must learn to accept and acknowledge the 'true' but hard truth which is : our stories would end up in the tragedy of before if we write like before

The future is unwritten but if we do not hand over our pens to the Author we are simply writing the unwritten with the already written.

There is a skill in 'real life' story writing that we don't have

Man makes mistakes

God makes no mistakes

Let's hand over our pens to the one who has sent his son to die for us all for love

Some how the center of His story is to change our story

And when we surrender our pens, somehow History never forgets that we were characters in this story.

And when we surrender our pens, the written would never be rewritten on the unwritten.

Question of The Day : Do you believe the written ( the past ) can never affect the unwritten ( the future )? How possible is this? I would love to hear from you. A happy new september to you all :)

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  1. Just such a beautiful message for today. Very timely. Thanks, Ayo.

  2. You welcome Jaycee! All glory be to God. And when are you coming back? Missing you around here :)

  3. Nicely written. Well done, AyomideNicely written. Well done, Ayomide



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