Monday, September 5, 2011

Beautiful Stranger

[Image by BryanVillarin]

The first day I met Carly, I couldn't break the stare.

'Oh what beauty' I said to myself

We spoke, I drooled

We connected, I asked her out

The next day, I met Timehin and I broke up with Carly.

Two days from now I'm getting married to Cojo.

Never mind, I broke up with Timehin two years back.

Tossed and turned with a lot of beauties since then.

I'm sitting at the 'Rockspot' cafe and a beautiful belle is staring at me.

And sure! I'm staring back at her

The coco milked skin has got me thinking

And oh! She just moved

She's the one meant for me

The way she moves

She's the missing rib I have been looking for

I calculate the tactics for Boy to meet girl in this scenario.

I would go for her

It would never work with Cojo. Better never than break her heart

Putting a ring on it then walking away might just break her heart the more

We won't work

Beautiful stranger moves in my direction

A thought comes to heart from no where or maybe somewhere

And it's got me thinking: it takes more than skin to choose the one I would spend my whole life with

My eyes see too many beauties, that I celebrate

But that if it sees that which eyes cannot see, of that I'm concerned

I break the stare as she approaches the corner I'm sitting

By the way, beautiful strangers grow old too

P.S. - For all out there 'single' and 'unmarried'; can you have a future with him or her if you don't see the him or her of the future?


  1. Take ur time to choose just one nt bcos of what u see bt by the 7th sense and take ur eyes off the odas

  2. 'Just choose one not because of what you see but by the 7th sense' Wow! Thanks Dawn :)



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