Thursday, October 4, 2012

The One Thing I Would Always Regret

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Tonight I reminisce the opportunities we miss when we choose not to be 'bold'. We never call ourselves 'not bold' talk less 'cowards' in those moments we are given a wide gap on the stage to show some 'strange' love or stand up 'aggressively' for the truth. We never call ourselves such names, never!.

We usually talk about how each human has his or her own share of insecurities and how polite it is to 'mind our business'. But the truth never hides in the shadows for too long. Cause the only thing that makes us step away when we are given a gap so vivid to the eyes of our heart is our self and pride, the very attempt to shield our self ( I thought God already had that job, maybe we don't trust Him enough to carry it out).

On silence and maintaining the status quo: I would always wonder what could have happened in the opportunity I never ceased. It's haunting and sometimes painful. In an opportunity I never ceased, black and white could become brilliant colors, my still boring life could become a joy roller coaster ride, a prodigal could find her way home or I could change the world leaving a ripple movement for generations to come, all in that moment, all in that opportunity. 

All these and more are the miracles we pray for day in and out, kneeling by our beds, clutching out pillows and sometimes crying into the long dark nights, waiting for God to show up in form of the light we ask. But what if God is showing up in opportunities; doors and gaps He wants us to walk into to show that he has indeed healed our weak knees.

Asking God to help love others more? Maybe that's why He keeps leading the most 'screwed-up' people you've ever seen your way. It's an opportunity not something to complain about.

Asking God to help you be a better leader? Maybe that's why He keeps putting you in teams that seem focus absent. It's an opportunity not something to complain about.

These are two (maybe) trivial examples out of millions cause opportunities are everywhere all around us.

Sometimes I really think we need to pause from our 'one way' prayers and just say 'Lord, can you lend me your glasses? I really need to see from your point of view' cause one thing we would always regret is an opportunity missed.

"An opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity."

p.s. - To my readers, pardon me I have been away a while, I hope to be back soon. I do miss writing here and I do really hope to be back soon :)

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  1. Thanks AY for this challenge. I think you struck a cord in me. Hope you are back soon.
    Yimika Desmennu



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